Author: Wendy

Can COVID cause sleep apnea

What are the consequences of this condition? In this article, we’ll explore how COVID can cause sleep apnea and hypoxia, as well as the relationship between COVID and obstructive sleep apnoea. Let’s get started! Read on for more information! COVID […]

Should you sleep in a recliner with COVID

Several health conditions can be caused by sitting in a recliner for extended periods of time. These include high blood pressure, poor circulation to the fetus, and stress and anxiety. In addition, sleeping in an upright position can increase your […]

Does COVID affect sleep

If you’ve suffered from COVID, you’re probably wondering how it affects sleep. This post explores how COVID affects sleep and how Melatonin can improve it. Although this article focuses on people with SARS-CoV-2 infection, it also applies to other COVID […]